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Sonya Sandford, mother of Rosie (10yr old Airedale)

July 28, 2016

"Rosie is a different dog. My son who sees her often asked what had happened to her and I thought he meant in a bad way but then he said she is like a puppy, how she used to be years back. He asked what's with all the playing? I then told him I had changed her diet to Rockster and told him your story. We cannot believe the change in her. She is 10 by the way bad time for me as my other dogs have all gone before they reached 11. She also had hip displasia and fir the first year of her life she went for swimming therapy twice a week. She trots and skips and to see her at meal times is a joy she turns round and round in circles! She now gets upstairs without bunny hopping."

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Caroline Foster, mother of Bear (5 yr old Cocker Spaniel)

June 27, 2018

Bear has been on Rockster for over a year now and the change in her is remarkable. No one can believe she is five, because of her energy she is always mistaken for a puppy…


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Kristen, mother of Kona (14 yr old Jack Russell Terrier)

June 15, 2018

Kona LOVES Rockster food.  I LOVE Rockster food... 

This is no exaggeration, within 2 days of eating the Rockster samples of dog food you gave me, Kona was spunky, like his old self and playing ball again...

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Natalia Andreadis, mother of Panda (8 yr old Akita)

March 16, 2018

“I just had to get in touch to share Panda's latest kidney results. In what must either be a miracle or some kind of mistake, her kidneys have gone from Stage 2 Kidney Disease to normal! In the words of our vet: "They are great bloods and urine test results, definitely a reason to be excited! It is not common to see such a good improvement, it can happen if kidney disease is caught early before...

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