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Meet the Nutritionist

Meet our Nutritionist

Bianca Boulton Major, Head of Nutrition & Product Development

Bianca is one of very few fully qualified pet nutritionists in the UK and the US, holding a BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN. Passionate about both nutrition and animals, whilst working as a vet nurse, Bianca realised the lack of un-biased support and information for optimal diet formulation for pets. Furthering her degree and post-grads in Human and Animal Nutrition, she has studied in the US and the UK and is one of the few Certified Companion Animal Nutritionists in the UK. Bianca shares our vision of improving pet nutrition and within the UK she is a certified CPD lecturer in animal nutrition, regularly lecturing in the UK and abroad.  Bianca is also a Member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition and has taken a close interest in Rockster since becoming aware of the food in December 2016. Bianca shares our view that the health of the microbiome is critical to gut health, and Hippocrates’ maxim “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  We are thrilled she has joined Rockster to be the head of Nutrition, not only developing new products and wherever possible helping to advise on individual cases for customers.  Formerly Bianca was heading the nutrition team at a leading natural raw dog food company based in the UK.

Bianca Boulton-Major - Dog Nutritionist at Rockster

I am incredibly excited to be joining the Rockster team. Rockster food is truly revolutionising the pet food industry, by raising the standards of sourcing, ingredient quality and formulation. The true heart of the products is that they are created uniquely for optimal nutrition as opposed to just a basic standard of nutrition for our dogs. The passion of the company aligns with my beliefs that we should be striving to improve feeding standards for our four pawed family members. In an ever disease laden world, the food we feed our pets should be so much more than just a basic staple; it should be a tool we utilise and nurture to prevent health issues. Rockster’s unique superfood combinations are designed exactly to do just that! Sharing my passion for leading research into the Canine Microbiome and gut health, Rockster food holds this at the forefront of it’s formulations, uniquely utilising fermented Jerusalem artichoke, to support gut health via it’s prebiotic benefits. True passion and love are the foundations of this company, striving to create an elite groundbreaking form of nutrition for our pets. The freedom the Rockster team has given me to create the ‘best of the best’ foods for our pets is both refreshing and enlightening within the pet food industry. I am looking forward to supporting new and current clients to Rockster on their journey to improving their pets long term health.


Email Bianca

Email Bianca

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